Friday, August 31, 2012

To Remember and be Remembered

There are many different things a person can give someone else to remember him or her, from Frederique Constant timepieces for watch lovers to a simple handkerchief. If it's an intimate relationship, personalizing the item with a specific engraving for example is a great way to make it several times more special. But sometimes you don't have anything left, but some photos and a memory of a few phrases a person used to say. In that case the ideal thing would be to start a photo- or scrapbook.

Something to remember
Normally each family has some kind of item which belonged to a great great grandmother or grandfather and was passed on from generation to generation. Usually it's some kind of jewelry like earrings or a watch (Pulp Fiction coming into mind). Such an item tells a little bit of the family history and if you don't have one you should start this tradition now by buying a watch here for example. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, but it should be a timeless thing and nothing digital. It would also be better, if it wasn't gender bound as you never know if your great grand child is going to be a girl or a boy.

Photo- or Scrapbook instead
Of course you can start a photo- scrapbook instead of buying anything to pass on. Photobooks are perfect for any event. You can sit together with the whole family looking at pictures and little notes to remember a special day in the past and telling family stories. The only problem with those is that the more time is passing the more photo- and scrapbooks you will have to add which in a few decades will lead to a ton of paper. Through social media you can create photo albums online and send them to your friends and family, which is an easy way round.

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