Monday, August 1, 2011

Overflowing Digi-scrapping Kit Designing Mojo

Time check: 12:13 am.

Wow It's already past midnight and I'm still up designing digi-scrapbooking kit/templates and blogging. Just so happy that my designing mojo is overflowing these days. Thanks to typhoon Juaning that was here last week and for having an intermittent internet for I was able to make 2 digi-kits last week. That was really a major accomplishment since I can’t make 2 kits almost in just 1 week!

It’s also seldom that I stayed up late just designing some kits, it’s like studying or reviewing heavily when you are in a med school where you need to stay up late to study. But seriously, I’m so happy with all the designs that I made and I’ll be releasing them soon. Hoping to earn more these coming days.

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