Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Create Easy Flourishes, Swooshes, and Swirls at Adobe Illustrator

I’ve been meaning to make my own swirls, flourished and other vector graphics using my Adobe Illustrator and I did managed to make simple swirls before and used them already in my digi-scrapping kits. However, I wanted to make more complicated and even more beautiful vector graphics like kids, flowers, birds, trees, leaves and other elements that I can use on the scrapping kits that I’m making.

Right now, there are times that I’m buying some CU vector graphics on digi stores that I can use and hopefully soon, if I can manage to have more time to read tutorials such as this then probably I will not buy anymore. One of my niece is good in making vector graphics and most of the times, I can’t ask her to draw some stuff for me because she’s also busy with her studies.

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