Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun Making Doodles

Now that I'm back designign digi-kits after 3 years, I realized that I need to upgrade my tools and skills. I recently downloaded a sample version of Adobe Illustrator and gosh it was fun doodling. I can see lots of doodle trends on kits these days and I often wondered how they are made but fortunately I stumbled a tutorial on youtube on how to make it so I tried.

How'd I wish I have a tablet so that it will be easier for me to make those doodles, maybe one day if I have enough money. Right now I'm still making those simple doodles and will try to put them on my future digi kits. I'm still working my way around Adobe Illustrator and I think it was a bit overwhelming for me like this Louisiana Jones Act that I saw online. I guess with some more practice and tinkering on the program, I know in the future I can make more nice doodles.

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The LemonDrop Tree said...

I love doodles! I actually once bought a book showing different doodles and the "how to's". I know...pretty sad lol! I doodle all over the embellishments I make for my shop for paper crafters. You can check it out if you

Anyhow glad I found your site (via entrecard) have a good day.