Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Photobook Re-order is NOT coming yet

Ok I'm getting impatient now, I re-ordered a a 8x8 photobook from artscow last end of of October and it's gonna be my Christmas present for my niece but sadly it has not arrived yet. I'm just preaying that it is not stolen or lost in the mail.

It was really weird because the 7x5 brag book that I ordered early Nov. arrived already! I already emailed artscow about this and they told me to wait till 8th and if not I need to contact them once again. I've been a regular client of artscow and my order always arrived eventhough there are times it is late.

I just hope it's not lost or else they need to replace it. I do understand that there are instances where mails or communion invitations and other stuff are lost in the deliver so I am not fuming mad (yet). I still love ARTSCOW! I just need to wait.

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