Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Easy To Follow Selective Color Tutorial in Photoshop CS3

I love Photoshop and I am still learning more about it. I have "actions" that can easily do some wonders of my photos but it is also good to learn to do it manually. Here's a Very easy to follow Manual Selective Color Tutorial in Photoshop CS3.

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after the selective coloring.
Steps on manual Selective Coloring Tutorial in Photoshop CS3
1. Convert your photo into black and white (BW) by clicking the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" . You can adjust the setting if you want according to your liking.
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2. Set your foreground color to BLACK.
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3. CLICK on you BRUSH tool and start brushing on your desired area. I picked the lips of Bratz here. Zoom your image so you can see it better. Flatten Image then save.

That's it. You're Done.

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