Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ARTSCOW FREE Shipping Promo Coupon Code

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Here's the ARTSCOW FREE Shipping Promo Coupon Code: FSOVER10. Just enter the code upon check out if your order will exceed $10. This is one great deal from ARTSCOW. I can't wait to use it but this promo will end on Sept.20., 2009 SAD :( so hurry up!!!

I have ordered PHOTOBOOKS from them this year and I can only say good words about the quality of their photobook. Just last week, I ordered a photobook and used a diffrent code and i got it for FREE, i only paid for the shipping. Hooray to ARTSCOW!.


butchay said...

hi jen, i have always been wanting to try creating a photobook from artscow but is quite uncomfortable in making one. HOw does it really work?


jennyL said...

it's pretty easy butchay, make a layout at photoshop or psp upload it to artscow and that's it. If you don't know how to scrapbook you can sstill make a photobook they have kits and elements there all you need to do is add your photos

butchay said...

ahh ok so you can upload your own work, so do I still have to templates? ill go try one .

Anonymous said...

hi! ..just got interested in Artscow because of your posts..
umm.. do u order from here
( Philippines )? then from hongkong they ship it here?
how do u pay for them?is there a way where in i can contact u? i can see kasi that your a reliable one to testify that their works are great and most of all not fraud..hehe..hope i can hear from u..thanks!

jennyL said...

Hi @ anonymous hehe

yeah i ordered here in Pinas online sa online store nila. I pay via paypal. It's very legit , i have lots of digi scrapper friends who ordered from them too.

Order ka na.