Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wazzup With my Project 365 Photos and Layouts??

I am a digiscrapper at heart and no way I could turn back to this great hobby of mine. It keeps me sane when all things turns chaotic. It serves as my therapy when I am all burdened up or it makes me relax when I am stressed out or make me refocus.

I started my Project 365 this year and every day I see to it that I hold on to my DLSR to capture any moment or things that can somewhat represent my day. Oh gosh today, I think I am going to miss taking a photo. I was not in my good mood today and the weather is just so gloomy that it didn't allow me to give enough inspiration on what to take.

I am already half way through my photo-a-day so I am not giving it up too. Just today, I wanted to do many things at one time. I wanted to scrap, I want to edit and put watermarks on my photo a day that I have not posted on my flickr account yet, I am finishing some tasks and I wanted to make the baptismal invites that a customer ordered late afternoon.

My day is handful but I don't want to stress myself in doing all of those in just one sitting or else I will be stress out again and oh dear I don;t want that to happen. Much worse is that if for some instance I will faint from too much work, I will hate the incident when someone will administer a
Philips AED to me to just to revive me. Yay that's morbid.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow when my sched is a bit lax, I will try to start a little bit of pic editing so I canpost my Project 365 photos here once again.

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