Monday, March 16, 2009

What to Shoot on your Vacation:/Suggested photos to shoot on your vacation

I've been browsing and reading articles and watching videos at shutterfly today and I was really inspired by them. I even wanted to start yet another photobook (yay I have so many in line that I haven't finish yet.

Anyway here is an article that I wanted to share: Source:

Suggested photos to shoot on your vacation
Here are some general ideas and tips:

* “Welcome to...” signs
* The view from your hotel window or balcony
* Local architectural details such as doorways, columns, spires, rooftops, etc.
* Photos of your transportation—whether it be car, boat, train or bicycle
* “Icons” of your vacation—what are you going here to see?
* Landmarks
* Your favorite meal
* Street signs
* Photos of the local culture
* Street entertainment or other cultural activities
* Ticket stubs, maps, receipts
* Family mementos
* Sporting events and activities not in your “normal” schedule
* Native plants and animals
* Different “perspectives” (for example, a city scape from the top of a skyscraper or the view from a mountain top)
* Most importantly, keep your camera handy to capture those shots of your family or friends simply enjoying being together

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Unknown said...

I have a terrible habit of taking my camera with me on vacations, etcetera, then forgetting to even take pictures. :(