Friday, March 13, 2009

Proj. 365: Self Portrait

PROJECT 365: Self- Portrait
March-12 (Thursday)--Day-71
Reign (my niece) saw me taking photos for my photo a day so she borrowed her mom's camera and little did I know she was also taking photos of what I am taking.. hehe. I didn't teased her for doing that bec. I know she'll stop or she'll become shy.

Later on i found her taking photos of herself so my attention was put to her. Kids these days are very clever in using gadgets and gosh i guess in no time she'll be using DSLR already. She had fun taking photos of anything, she even took photos of me and my butt.. LOL.. She end up being my photo a day.
Having fun
I had fun taking photos of what she was doing that i nearly run out of space on my compact flash memory hehe. I love her photos and soon I will scrap it and will make her a photobook

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