Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proj. 365: Backaches

PROJECT 365: Backaches
March-10 (Tuesday)--Day-69
Since yesterday I was not feeling good bec. of my PMS. I really have a hard time when it is my 1st day and I'm lucky that i don't have any business cards or wedding invitations to make for a client bec. for sure I can't do it. Backaches, leg cramps, sungit blues, cold feet, bloating, and heavy feeling are just some of the things I suffer.

This morning I woke up with a backache bec. I slept without a pillow and it was just so uncomfortable. Got my massager and massaged my back a bit but asked my mom to do it for me so I was relieved. Showed it to my nephew, niece and the rest and they took turns on massaging me lol. They also had fun doing it on themselves bec. it is ticklish too haha..

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