Monday, October 27, 2008

Can’t Decide What Camera Bag to Buy

If you have seen my Birthday Wish List that I have then perhaps you have read that camera bags are in my list. It’s there bec. I am also buying a new lens, if God permits next month and if that will happen the camera with the new lens will not fit the small Lowe Pro camera bag that I have right now. I am considering a Tracy Joy bag where a lot of my co-Bebots are using already, I still need to hear more reviews about this bag at least it is not expensive like Samsonite luggage hehe. Anyway, I am also eyeing Crumpler Bag, I saw the Crumpler Store in SM Megamall last year when I went there and the 5 million dollar bag is a bit big for my liking and it’s quite expensive too.

I also can consider another Lowe pro bag , much bigger of course bec. I know it is durable. Oh well, I think I will just wait for my new lens and then I will decide which one is the best for all my digital photography gadgets. This new hobby of mine is kinda expensive I can tell ya.

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