Monday, August 25, 2008

: Discover The Real Joy of Photography :

As a newbie like me, i still have many things to learn about different settings of my DSLR so I am still reading my manual from time to time. I also found this website very very helpful for me to understand some of the terms and setting to help me get started.

It will guide you through your DSLR (canon only of course), parts, settings and many more.. There are 4 tutorial sessions that can help you get started. Photography is so fun and it is much more enjoyable if you know your camera.

You can click on the image below to go the site


twinks said...

Photography is a great hobby..nakaka addict din hehe..
It feels good doing something you love.
Keep it up :]

Anonymous said...

oh beleive me Jenny, there are so many pinay and pinoys on the blogosphere, I am just a little someone out there.. Thanks for the visit ..
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Concealed Mind said...

i also had the chance to read this and i agree, it was a big help! im also a canon fanatic like you =)

caneeliea said...

I've just jumped the bandwagon! I'm a Canonite too! And thanks for dropping by my blog ya :)

Mich said...

wow, ok to ah! free ba? :) thanks for sharing ate Jen! happy Tuesday!

☆ MsK ☆ said...

Thanks for sharing! I definitely could use this site.