Saturday, July 26, 2008

: Spreading Creativity :

Got this from Cathy, while I was browsing and trying to drop Entercards.

My Story: We are actually family of artists, my 2 brothers are visual artists and they participated and won in some national arts competitions. Their creativity was passed on to their kids, so I have nephews and nieces who also great in drawings and digital art. I on the other hand loves to do digital scrapbooking and digi photography. I started scrapbooking about 3 years ago and still do it right now, the photography is just recently when I had a digital camera. I also tried my hand in crosstitching way back in mid 90's.

{start copying here}

1. Copy the graphics designed by Cathy and then tell us your story about how you came to start designing. It doesn't matter if it's "for your eyes only" or you are designing for somebody.
2. Come back here and leave your link where you posted the story. I will add your blogs to the master list. If you have more than 1 blog you need to post the tag to your other blogs as well.
3. Passed it to people you know who makes beautiful crafts.
4. Make sure that you come back here to get the updated list of bloggers who joined the tag. This is a good way to increase our rankings on Technorati at the same time we get to read great stories.

So let's start spreading those creativity.

1. Anything and Everything in Between 2. Designs By Vhiel 3. Vhiel's Corner 4. Can of Thoughts 5. Digital Scrapbooking Creations 6. Me and My World 7. A Slice of Life 8. Jenny Said So 9. YOU ARE NEXT.......

I want to pass this to my co-digiscrappers : DIANE, MICH, NITA, CHIKAI, BUGE, AGGIE, TEYS, and YOU!


Anonymous said...

Ate Jen, thanks sa tag. Meron na ako nito :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag ate Jen. Here's my story

Anonymous said...

hello.. i see that you join in the tag... but how come you alter the link to the master list? I would appreciate if you link it back to where the original tag was made.

Thank you.

admin said...

sorry Vhiel it was not my intention to alter such i already edited it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey jenny its not beggy... i just want to make sure that everybody is linking to the masterlist so its not confusing... plus I want the others to benefit as well and be on the master list..

thanks for editing it. I do appreciate it. ;)

by the way, your blog has been added to the master list.