Saturday, July 26, 2008

: Deep Thinking :

I am in limbo right now bec. i have not yet decided on what niche do I really want in this new blog of mine. I already have a personal blog (A SLICE OF LIFE), fashion/shopping blog (THIS AND THAT) and a digital scrapbooking blog, which is only a blogspot hosted one and I have not updated it since March. I wanted to revive it by buying it a domain but with multiple blogs I already have now, I don't think I can handle updating all of them. Ahhh it's fun to have many blogs but sometimes it is also tiring.

Right now I am still thinking if I will make this my Hobbies blog for my digital scrapbooking and photography hobby plus.. Hmmmmm think think.. think... I hope I can make up my mind asap!

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