Monday, May 19, 2008

: There's always sun after a storm :

It's been raining almost everyday since last week bec. a typhoon once again hits our country. It maybe good to have rain to water the drying fields in the country side but worst happened when it turned out into a storm badly hitting some provinces and ruining many poor people's livelihood. It is so sad to see our countrymen to lose their houses and their livelihood. State of the calamities are being declared by the gov't. for those provinces that have many lost infrastructures and more.

I just wish there will be no more lives or properties to be taken by the coming typhoons. It will be rainy season soon so we could only be prepared and alert. Right now, it has been sunny and humid again here at our area but for sure when the rain comes again, gloomy days are coming.

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Lou said...

I've read about this in the sad. Must be terrifying to some...


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