Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Save , save your work !

The rain suddenly poured just few minutes ago and as usual the street in front of me got water again. My net cafe is almost full and I have some customers replying emails, chatting or typing something when the lights started to flicker. I wasn't able to warn them to save whatever they are doing so that they will not do it all over again. The lights went of on and on for few seconds and their computers just shut down suddenly (mine did not- that is why I love my HP computer!), one customer did not saved his works (typings) so he will do it all over again.

It's not my fault I said bec. it's common sense to SAVE your work every now and then bec. you'll never know when the light will go off or when will the computer will crash. When i do typings of layouting, it is in my nature to click on the SAVE button often, in that way I will not lose any work that I have.

So the lesson is SAVE SAVE SAVE!

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