Saturday, May 3, 2008

: Photohunt: Time :

This is my entry for this blog, this week's theme is TIME.

We went to the Thirlmere Steam Train Festival in Australia one time and there are many mini-stalls around the streets that sells anything. I saw this old antique clock that is for sale and wishing i can go back in time, not quite sure thought how much it is.

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Snap Catch said...

great one for today's theme... mine's up too hope you can drop by

YTSL said...

Any idea why that grandfather's clock was included in the parade? If so, do tell! ;b

BenSpark said...

That first image is fantastic. I love the warmth and detail of it. The second is pretty funny and that car is sweet.

Sarge Charlie said...

both classic, very nice

Berni said...

Unusual way to carry a clock around. Nice shot. Thanks for visiting my place