Wednesday, May 14, 2008

: Getting Frustrated :

Ohhh I am in a senti mood right now.. blame it on my hormones harhar..Not much to say but I'm jutst getting lil frustrated bec. of my low productivity since yesterday. I was hoping to get more jobs and works but they are just not there. Hmmmm.. so sad. I know there are times work is overflowing and there are times it is really scarce. All I have to do right now is to wait and hope for the good things to come in the next few days or perhaps next few motnhs? Ahhh i am getting impatient.

BTW I am very happy for my bestfriend RACE, who is dong good in her chosen "career' right now and I just wish she will be able to leave her present job now bec. she is not happy anymore there. Oh anyway.. I reckon everything will be fine... I wish i am on a vacation right now.

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