Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hoooray !!!

.... to my new blog everyone!! This is my 5th blog (3rd domain) (not too many huh??? ) which I hope I can update regularly, lol. I hope you'll find it interesting, i'll be sharing anything here from tutorials/tips, photos, my life, my scraps and whole lot more.

Exchange links are welcome, add me first then message me if you have done so then i will link you too.. Thank you. Have a great day!

Bow by Fernlili, Staple by C. Renee, Alpha by Jofia Designs


jennyr said...

congrats Jen! 3 domains? that's really good! mustah yung mga PRs? kse sakin isang domain lang meron, yung sa blogspot na domain grabeh ang tagal ng ZERO,hehehe! cge i'll link this up!

~ leonore aquino ~ said...

Wow naman...congrats! Adddiiiiccctttt!!!! adik sa blogging...hehehe!

admin said...

@JennyRsame here jen yung isang domain ko na lang may PR
@Leonore- nagpaghahalatang addict sa blog ano hhahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Ate Jen... na add ko na sa blog list natin.. sorry ha, ngayon lang ako nagkaoras, hehe... nice site by the way... happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Have added this one to my 5 homes :)