Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Proj. 365: Water Fun!!

Water Fun!
Ohh my eyes!
Havin' Fun
It's summer time over here and that means it's school holidays for the kids till 1st week of June. It was scorching hot most of the times and is it unbearable. Kids are often restless and want to do everything from playing computer games and other activities. They need to be occupied.

One time my nephews and niece decided to play and took a bath using the water hose bec. it was so hot that day. I don't think we'll go swim in the beach or go out of town so they just got contented with this. They had so much fun actually, even they are just in our backyard.

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Tere | Blessings in Life said...

we wanted to do this when we were kids but my parents would not let us play with the water and the water hose.

baka takot magkasipon kami. :)