Thursday, July 17, 2008

: Noisy Frogs ! :

It was raining the whole day yesterday and when I got home I was greeted with croaks of frogs in our streets. Such a loud sound indeed. When I got home i heard more noises bec. there is a vacant lot beside and at the back of our house. And oh my goodness, those toads were really noisy and they even sound like a cow !!! And before i go to sleep they are the ones that I am hearing as if I have soemone beside me who is snoring lol..

I was so curious why frogs croak so I googled it this morning. The result told me that they croak esp. when it is raining bec. it is their mating season and they wanted to attract female frogs. Wow, they are singing like there is a choir lol. All I can say is that they are annoying and noisy lol!